Top 5 Best Baseball Gloves For Left-Handed Throwers With Buyer Reviews

Left-handed baseball players will wear gloves on the right. The glove you choose should be suitable for your dominant hand.

Currently, most glove models have support for left-handed people. Yet, some numbers are only for a particular pitcher.

If you are left-handed and have trouble choosing suitable gloves, immediately refer to the suggestions below.

The article’s top 5 best baseball gloves for left-handed throwers promise to help your selection greatly.

ImageProductEditor's ratingPrice
Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Glove4.9See pricing details
Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Master4.8See pricing details
Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Series4.8See pricing details
Jalunth Kids Youth Junior Tball Glove4.7See pricing details
Franklin Sports Baseball Adult Baseball4.6See pricing details

Best Baseball Gloves For Left-Handed Throwers Reviews

As a left-handed person, I have spent a lot of time looking for gloves that provide the best user experience. Here are the best options I’ve found so far.

#1. Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Glove – Best for Overall

The Franklin Sports Kids is a glove I always recommend for beginners. It’s light, smooth, and packed with valuable features for left-handed pitchers.

On the first test, I was impressed with the lightweight mesh texture of the gloves. Although not made of leather, it is soft for continuous use for a long time.

Its softness is also evident in the structure of the palm. This design feature makes breaking in even simpler. I am always ready to play in any case.

I am also satisfied with the soft foam ball that comes with it. Although not too interested in indoor handball, what the manufacturer offers is quite impressive in the price range.

With me, Franklin Sports is an ideal choice for lefties who are new to baseball. It is soft and easy to use but not too durable; therefore, it’s not the perfect choice for intense sports.


  • Simple hack.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Always ready to play in any case.
  • The boa consists of a soft sponge ball.


  • Not durable enough to serve intense sports games.

#2. Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Master – Best for Practice

The Franklin Sports Baseball is one of the most accessible gloves to put on.

It comes with lightweight, soft leather and customizable thumb control technology. So, I have no problem expanding or tightening the glove size. And this quick convenience keeps me ready to play in any situation.

I also appreciate Franklin’s persistence. Its synthetic leather material, although not the most advanced, is durable enough to use for a long time.

Comfort is also an advantage that makes me always prefer to use Franklin in every match. Its distinctive hand-formed pocket provides the necessary sensitivity. Besides, this design also offers maximum comfort.

My only complaint about Franklin Sports is that its size is not so optimal for adults. The comfort and durability make Franklin Sports the ideal glove for any left-handed player.


  • Quickly put on gloves.
  • Hand-shaped bag.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Bit durable synthetic leather.
  • Always ready to use for competition.


  • Limited size.

#3. Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Series – Best for Young Players

When looking for gloves for beginners, I am always interested in options with maximum comfort and good protection. These gloves must be thick enough to reduce hand tremors for inexperienced players.

The Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Series is one such option. Its primary material is lightweight PVC, which impressed me, especially when I first tried it. It’s light and comfortable but still good shockproof to protect beginners.

In addition to materials, Franklin’s reliability comes from the contoured wrist-hugging design. This fit perfectly fits my wrist, with a pretty good balance between flexibility and comfort.

This model also impresses with its RTP construction, versatile compatibility, and maximum throw and catch support. With all the above advantages, I recommend Franklin to every young player practicing and honing basic skills.

The Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Series is a reasonably comfortable glove for long-term use. Yet, in the beginning, due to the nature of the material, this glove model can be a bit stiff.


  • Enduring.
  • Lightweight
  • Design close to the wrist.
  • Optimized RTP structure.
  • Ideal for practice and basic skills training.


  • A bit stiff the first time I used it.

#4. Jalunth Kids Youth Junior Tball Glove – Best for Beginners

As the name suggests, the Jalunth Baseball Softball Tball is the ideal glove for kids and beginners.

It attracts me with its stylish design and unique texture than other models in the same segment. Besides, its vibrant and vivid skin color is also especially suitable for children.

Since it is also relatively small, I do not recommend it for adults. Yet, children will have no trouble putting on or removing gloves.

Comfort is also an advantage I appreciate in Jalunth. Synthetic leather combined with foam in the fingers provides a comfortable and smooth feel.

This equipment makes the Jalunth glove one of the highly versatile options for players in any position. In particular, it ultimately conquers the players with high demand for catching the ball.

Despite possessing a comfortable foam layer, Jalunth is relatively thin. This feature makes me concerned about its ability to protect the hand.


  • Durable synthetic leather.
  • Comfortable in-finger foam.
  • Catering to players of all positions.
  • Eye-catching design, vibrant colors.
  • Size suitable for small children.


  • Flimsy and poor impact resistance

#5. Franklin Sports Baseball Adult Baseball  – Best for a Large-Sized Hand

If the suggestions for kids and teens above don’t suit your large hands, the Franklin Sports Baseball Glove ProFlex might be worth a try. 

This adult glove has a size of 12.5” and flexible adjustment support. It fits my hand perfectly and many other prominent hand-size players.

Its large size makes it easy to break in and ready to join you in any game. But beyond its size and ease of use, this Franklin glove stands out from the competition with its durable construction.

Its palm is a premium cowhide with a hybrid PCV finish. The above combination has resulted in a highly durable baseball glove. 

I used the Franklin Sports Baseball Glove ProFlex for two seasons. Surprisingly, so far, it has kept its good looks and offers a pretty comfortable experience.

Franklin Sports Baseball is a relatively perfect glove. I’m just not too happy with the lanyard aesthetic. Yet, this drawback does not affect my experience.


  • Easy to break in.
  • Support flexible adjustment.
  • Durable hybrid PCV cover.
  • The palm is high-quality cowhide.
  • The size fits even people with large hands.


  • Need to improve lanyard aesthetics.

Buying Guide

Key things to consider to choose one

In addition to the suggestions above, you can find comfortable gloves suitable for your dominant hand with some important criteria below.


The most important standard when choosing a left-handed baseball glove is the material. This criterion will affect its durability, feel, and weight.

Poor-quality materials are usually not too durable. But in return, they make soft and light gloves.

I still love leather gloves because this material costs me a little more than the standard options. Yet, leather glove models avoid hardening or damage after only a short use time.

Some manufacturers, to save costs, have used synthetic leather material. However, it is usually quite stiff and sometimes makes it difficult to break in.

Soft cowhide is my favorite material. Gloves made of this material are lightweight and provide good support for catching and penetrating.


The price you pay for a glove model also affects the experience you can get.

Children’s glove models usually cost less than $10. Meanwhile, mature players can find perfect options under $100. However, the most affordable options are non-premium and less durable materials.


The glove size must fit the hand if you do not want to feel uncomfortable during the game.

You can find gloves that are the right size for your hand. For children 3-7 years old, glove size is usually in the range of 9 inches. Meanwhile, children from 7 to 9 years old can use 11.5-inch gloves.

You can also find options with flexible sizing support straps. This accessory will make it possible to use a glove model for a long time.


Today’s glove models have tight-knit straps to support throwing the ball.

If you have specific requirements for playing baseball, you will have to look at some of the more specially designed options.

For example, products with deeper pockets and openings will be the best choice if you want to save time on cleaning. Meanwhile, a glove suitable for a flexible baseball player also needs to support the player in every position.

Midfield players often pass the ball from one hand to another. Therefore, they usually prefer gloves with open mesh patterns and shallow pockets.

The third player also has to make quick kicks. And models that balance weight and support are ideal choices.


Comfort is also an issue you need to consider when choosing gloves. You won’t use the glove for a long time if it’s too rough, making it difficult to break in.

You’re better off looking for options with palm rest, wrist support straps, and protective support.


When choosing gloves for left-handed pitching, you must also consider the issues involved. Here are some answers to the most common questions.

What glove did Jeter use?

Jeter used Rawlings PRODJ2 for 20 seasons. Anthony Rendon and Xander Bogaerts themselves made this glove model.

What’s better: A2000 or A2K?

Considering the price criteria, the A2000 will be a better choice for the budget. It saves you about $100 more than A2K but still provides a good user experience.

However, A2K offers an even better experience. It is entirely handcrafted using premium leather materials. It will be the ideal choice for players who value quality and durability.

What is the oldest baseball glove brand?

Saranac Glove Company is the oldest glove company in the United States. It was founded in 1866 and is still one of the most loved brands today.

Is the A2000 the best glove?

A2000 is a pretty famous brand of baseball gloves. It brings distinctive and outstanding product lines to suit many different audiences.

What baseball glove is easiest to break in?

You can soak the gloves in warm water to improve the stroke speed. 

Plus, some glove models with a convenient design for putting on, like Wilson Sporting Goods ‘Shigeaki Aso, are also a wise decision.


This article has provided you with the top 5 best baseball gloves for left-handed throwers which can meet all your needs and preferences.

After carefully considering your needs and personal preferences, I think that you can find a suitable glove model from this list.

The Franklin Sports Baseball Field Master and the Jalunth Kids Youth Junior Baseball Softball Tball Glove are still my two perfect recommendations for you. 

Besides, there are many options available that are worth considering. Hopefully, through the article, you have found a glove model that suits your needs.

If you have any questions regarding the topic of the article, do not hesitate to leave a comment below so that I can help you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your interest in the article!