Why One Finger Outside the Baseball Glove?

There are many ways to wear baseball gloves that professional players apply. One of them is keeping one finger outside the baseball glove.

Of course, these players do it for a good reason, and this article will explain that. Let’s read to find the answer to, “Why one finger outside a baseball glove?”

Why One Finger Outside the Baseball Glove?

Keeping one finger outside the baseball glove lets players feel more comfortable.

Infielders and catchers do this because it makes them feel more comfortable. Keeping one finger outside a baseball glove allows these players to feel cooler.

As we all know, they constantly take heat during the game. This way can help reduce the swelling in their hand after catching heat for long periods.

Some infielders claim that the outside finger also enables them to control their baseball gloves better, which is essential during the transfer.

How to Properly Wear a Baseball Glove?

Now is the time to take a look at some of the ways professional players wear their baseball gloves.


Baseball gloves are usually designed with five stalls, each for one finger.

Regarding the standard (also traditional) way to wear a glove, you just need to slide each of your fingers into its respective stall.

Before reading this article, it may be the only way that you know. The pros of this way are that it is comfortable and delivers good support for all fingers.

Two in the Pinkie

You can place both the ring and pinkie finger in the stall designated for the pinkie.

Then, the player places their middle finger into a fourth finger’s normal slot and their index finger into a slot reserved for their middle finger. It means the index finger slot is empty.

Many apply this arrangement as the gap in the index finger’s spot will make a deeper pocket. Also, it will place more strength on their baseball glove, so snapping the glove shut will be easy.

One Finger Outside the Glove

It is the method we just discussed above. The finger kept outside is usually the index finger, while the remaining fingers rest in their respective stalls. Infielders and catchers often do this for the reasons we discussed above.

Two in the Pinkie, One Finger Outside

Many infielders prefer the two in the pinkie while one finger is kept outside.

The reason is that, on a routine play, many infielders do not catch the baseball in their pocket. Instead, they catch the ball in their palm.

The outside finger will allow the glove to close with less pressure on the pocket.

Additionally, it also lets infielders push down on the back of their gloves, which keeps their gloves wide and makes swallowing up ground balls easier.


Should You Store a Baseball Glove With a Ball in It?

It is okay to keep a ball in your glove when storing it.

Yes, you can keep a ball in your glove when storing it. Thanks to that, the pocket keeps being kept nice and formed, making it easier to catch the ball squarely in the pocket when using the glove again.

How Often Should You Oil a Baseball Glove?

You should oil your baseball glove periodically, especially if you live in a drier area. The need for oiling can range from one time per week to one time per month.

Why Do Baseball Players Bend Their Gloves?

They do it to shape their own glove. It can also be considered part of the “break-in.”

Why Do Baseball Players Keep One Finger Outside Their Glove?

As we explained above, keeping one finger outside the glove keeps them comfortable and cooler during every long game. Also, according to some infielders, it allows them to control their baseball gloves better.

 What Is a Finger Hood on a Baseball Glove?

The function of finger hoods is to conceal the pitcher’s finger. The fact is that pitchers commonly utilize finger hoods.

What Finger Should an Infield Glove Close To?

To close the baseball glove, you must wrap your finger around the thumb. It will make a secure closure and keep your glove from flying open in the wind. 

Why Do Baseball Gloves Have a Thumb Flare?

Flaring out the thumb’s tips and pinky finger stalls will create a flat and shallow pocket.

It might sound like the exact opposite of what baseball players should be looking for, but this flatter pocket will create a larger catching surface, allowing a faster transfer to the throwing hand.

Wrapping It Up 

Through this article, you have convincingly answered the question, “Why one finger outside a baseball glove?” Next time someone asks you something similar, you will be all set to extoll your wisdom!