Why Do Baseball Gloves Cost So Much? Are They Worth It?

Many newcomers are hesitant to buy gloves because of the high price. Yet, they don’t want to get low-quality items that will ruin their games. 

Why do baseball gloves cost so much? Are they worth it? You can find the truth in this article. Let’s check it out to learn more about this exciting game! 

Why Do Baseball Gloves Cost So Much? 

Baseball gloves are expensive because of their high-quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing process. 


Why are some baseball gloves so expensive? The cost of these products depends mainly on their materials. 

So if you notice some models with a higher price than others, it’s probably because the type of leather used to make them is superior. 

Synthetic, full-grain, steer hide, and kipskin are the industry’s four common leather types. They have different costs due to their unique characteristics. 

  • Synthetic: $20 to $35 

This type of leather is one of the most affordable choices. You may expect a flexible, lightweight pair with enough padding for high-quality synthetic fabrics.

Synthetic leather baseball gloves can absorb impact and resist moisture well. They are also comfy and safe for young players to enjoy long games. 

These affordable gloves are easier to break. Hence, be careful when playing with them. Besides, you may also need to restore them regularly. 

  • Full-grain: $30 to $60

As premium equipment for adult players, full-grain leather, or cowhide, is popular since it is pretty thick and sturdy.

Full-grain gloves feel stiffer and heavier than typical gloves, so it could take longer to break in. But after the break-in phase, the pair works to be reliable and deliver an incredible performance.

  • Steer hide: $75 to $300

The durability of these baseball gloves is exceptional.

They need more time to break in because of their toughness. But after that, you will feel comfortable using them for your games. 

The comfort and durability make them perfect for both beginner and professional baseball players. 

  • Kipskin: above $300  

Kipskin baseball gloves are high-end items for professional players.

You may have heard about them as one of the most well-known pieces of leather equipment for infield positions. 

These sets’ best qualities must be their outstanding durability yet being lightweight and soft.

The break-in process is significantly shorter because of how well they achieve a balance between comfort and toughness.

The material plays a vital role

Manufacturing process 

The labor-intensive manufacturing procedure is another factor in the high cost of baseball gloves. 

The skin will undergo strict quality control once it gets to the facility. Here, the laboratory will color-code and test it, using the results to determine the approval. Surprisingly, the factory only uses a part of the leather. 

There is no standard quality control supervisor to guarantee a flawless production system. However, the level of each craftsman’s work is up to their own control.

Manufacturers like to apply this system to their factories. They appreciate how detailed and meticulous personal attention is at every single step of the procedure. This video will show you how people make baseball gloves:

A finished product demands a lot of work

Do Expensive Baseball Gloves Make A Difference?

Yes. You can tell the difference between the lower and higher end of a glove’s price easily by considering these terms:

  • Material: The leather used to manufacture the gloves affects mostly the price gap. Natural skin is more expensive than synthetic, raising its cost. 
  • Design: Costly baseball gloves often have a more stunning design. 
  • Durability: Premium leather can last longer, making it a good long-term investment. 
  • Comfort: Pricey gloves give you better comfort and help you perform at your best during the game.  

It must be the brand that matters if you find two baseball gloves of the same quality but at different prices. We will discuss this topic in the following section.  

More expensive gloves often have a higher quality

How Much Do MLB Players Pay For Their Gloves? 

Gloves used by MLB players often cost somewhere between $200 to $400. However, they don’t have to pay for their gear. 

Every MLB player has sponsors who are in charge of the team’s fees for the session in compliance with the terms of their contract. Some athletes represent the brands of firms that produce sports goods.

Because sponsored businesses advertise themselves by providing sports items, MLB players don’t have to pay for baseball gloves or other equipment.

MLB players do not have to pay for their gear

Top Baseball Glove Brands

As aforementioned, the brand affects the price. There are many baseball glove brands to be loyal to. The following ideas should be your top consideration. 


This American sports company set off on its journey in 1989 in Chicago. Thomas E. Wilson is the founder and constantly receives awards to preserve their quality standards.

Wilson is now the baseball industry’s most renowned manufacturer. The company sells three million baseball gloves around the world every year. 


This company makes sports gear for more than just baseball. George and Alfred Rawlings began their climb to the top of the world’s top baseball giants in 1887.

Rawlings is now the most popular choice in football and basketball. Many MLB players use Rawlings gloves because of their quality. 


Rihachi Mizuno started this Japanese sports equipment manufacturer in Osaka in 1906. It has positioned itself as the American giant’s ideal competitor. 


This sporting goods business debuted in 1922 by Doug Easton with just ten local workers. This firm employs more than a thousand workers to obtain the best baseball gear daily. 


Joseph and Lawrence Gilligan founded this privately held business in New Jersey. Baseball gloves made by Akadema are well-made and well-known for their high-quality leather and efficiency. 

The brand matters

Most Expensive Baseball Gloves Ever 

Baseball gloves are expensive, but you may not expect them to exceed $10,000. Here are some super-pricey items ever sold. 

Luxury Glove From Hermes – $14,100

Hermes is famous for producing high-quality leather items and accessories. The business made the decision to release its first pricey glove in 2014.

When it came out, almost everyone complained about how ridiculous it was to sell it for such a hefty price. Hermes stated that the glove’s high cost was due to its use of golden swift calfskin and 25 hours of meticulous hand sewing.

Despite the criticism of its pricing, Hermes was lucky to find its first customer. A multimillionaire entrepreneur from New Jersey purchased it.

Lou Gehrig’s Glove – $287,500

When Lou met Howard Henderson’s family in the 1930s, he gave Howard this baseball glove. The gesture delighted Howard so much that he kept the glove for nearly 80 years. 

At an MLB All-Star ceremony in 2014, Howard auctioned Lou’s glove. Since it had been 75 years since Lou gave his eponymous speech, 2014 held special significance for him.

Babe Ruth’s Baseball Glove – $341,000

Babe Ruth gave his baseball glove to Edward Petschke, a pharmacy employee that he knew when playing for the Providence Grays.

However, Edward didn’t play baseball. Hence, he gave Ruth’s glove to his nephew, who would then pass it to his son, Craig Prescott. But Craig auctioned the glove at a high price. 


1. How much is an MLB baseball glove?

A good glove usually costs between $120 and $300. A professional MLB player utilizes products that cost from $200 to $400. 

2. What makes a good baseball glove? 

Three things that determine if you have good baseball gloves are: 

  • Fit: Go for a snug-fitting glove. Avoid buying gloves that are too large for your hands because they will impair your performance.
  • Feel: Your gloves must be stiff enough to offer strength and flexible enough to allow control and prompt response.
  • Style: Go with a look and hue that suits you.

You can learn some tips to pick the right glove from here:

3. How much do used baseball gloves cost?

It depends on how old the gloves are. If the items still look new, you may get them at a slightly lower price than their initial costs. And if they are old or damaged, you can pay less to obtain them. 

4. How much should I pay for a baseball glove?

Consider your level and purpose in buying the right gear. 

Gloves used by professionals often cost between $200 and $400. For young athletes, items from $60 to $150 are more suitable.  


Why do baseball gloves cost so much? Baseball gloves are expensive because of the durable material, meticulous manufacturing process, and brand.

You can choose the lower end of the range if you are a beginner. And once you progress, upgrade your gear. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If your friends have the same question, please share it with them. Baseball fans should know everything about the game. Thank you for reading!