Mineral Oil Baseball Glove: Is It Good?

The leather will be stiff when out of the box when you have just purchased a baseball mitt for the first time. 

The inflexible leather may make it challenging for you to close and open the gear during the game. 

For this reason, you must break in this equipment before officially using it for your match to get the best performance. 

The best solution is to lubricate your mitt with conditioner or oil. However, can you use mineral oil for the baseball glove

If you are curious about the explanation, let’s delve into this article to get the answer and some valuable tips to oil your gear. 

Can You Use Mineral Oil Baseball Gloves?

The good news is yes! You can lubricate your baseball mitts using mineral oil to soften this gear if you use caution. 

Mineral oil is a clear, colorless liquid made from petroleum produced as a product of the petroleum refining process.

Everything has two sides, and mineral oil is not exceptional. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see!

Due to its dual moisturizing and softening effects on the skin, it is frequently utilized in personal care goods and cosmetics.

For this reason, this substance can protect your mitt from cracking and drying out when exposed to sunlight after a long-hour match. 

This lubricant can help you maintain the leather’s original appearance, making your mitt look new. 

Additionally, this substance acts as a conditioner to offer a waterproof layer for your baseball mitt. 

Most importantly, it is an affordable and excellent alternative to glove conditioners to help you break in the gear for more softness and flexibility. 

However, it is not advisable to permanently apply mineral oil to baseball gloves as it may cause detrimental effects on the leather. 

Unlike other natural lubricants, this lubricant is moisture resistant, which means it can create a barrier on the surface it comes in touch with to hold the moisture inside. 

If moisture can’t escape from the leather, dry rot will stay and accelerate the degradation of the fibers. 

Furthermore, it may make the color of your gear fade and reduce its durability more quickly than other lubricants. 

Therefore, although mineral oil could seem like a reasonable, affordable alternative for leather maintenance, the truth is more complex.

It’s ok to use mineral oil for your mitt.

What Do You Use To Rub Your Baseball Gloves?

If you have just bought a new baseball glove, breaking in is the first and essential step before using it. 

If you are unsure how to break in this gear, you can watch this video:

And here are some of the most popular oils you can apply to your equipment:

Glove Conditioners

Many leading glove and sports goods manufacturers provide specialized products called glove conditioners.

These products are not the same as regular lubricants. They also include substances that clean and shield the leather from accumulating moisture and grime, besides softening it.

Although these lubricants are among the most expensive products to oil your baseball mitt, they bring the best result. 

Moreover, some manufacturers design special conditioners for lubricating specific kinds of leather, from ordinary to premium. 

Lanolin Oil

Many items that contain glove conditioners or oil for mitts use lanolin oil, which originates from sheep.

Since this lubricant can soften, maintain, and protect leather, your glove will remain flexible and soft over time.

Besides, this substance is the primary ingredient you can find in most conditioners for mitts. 

Applying pure lanolin oil is acceptable if you don’t want any supplementary cleaning chemicals to be used on your gear. 

This product is available in several sporting goods shops or hardware stores, so you can get it easily. 

Lanolin oil

Shaving Cream

Alternatives to more conventional conditioners and lubricants include shaving cream.

As you know, the purpose of this cream is to soften and moisturize the skin to assist in shaving more smoothly and comfortably. 

The effect of this product works on baseball gloves is similar to how it works on human skin: moisturizing and softening. 

Nevertheless, avoiding shaving creams and gels containing added perfumes or alcohol would be best, as they may make your equipment dry out and damage it. 


Vaseline is the last common but effective solution if you can’t afford glove conditioners. 

Its main ingredients include many moisturizers and mineral oils that help soften the leather. 

Vaseline is also helpful in sealing and preventing your mitt from crackling or drying out when exposed to dust, dirt, or hot environments. 

Use a little Vaseline and thoroughly rub it into the glove surface before applying more.

You should not lubricate your gear with excessive Vaseline because it may make your mitt sticky. 


How To Oil Your Baseball Gloves?

Mineral oil application requires the same steps and safety measures as adding most conditioners to the mitt.

Most players, regardless of skill level, can complete the easy procedures for utilizing mineral oil with these simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase the most suitable mineral oil product for your baseball mitt. 

Step 2: Lubricate your gear with mineral oil. 

When doing this step, you must use this lubricant sparingly. An excessive amount won’t be beneficial for your equipment. 

Instead, it will make this gear sticky and fasten the deteriorating speed. Therefore, apply a little following the instructions of the brand. 

Step 3: Spread the lubricant evenly on the mitt. Ensure you won’t leave any part unattended. Otherwise, your gear will look crunchy and dry out quickly. 

Step 4: Give enough time for the mitt to dry appropriately. 

This stage is vital to ensure you get the best result. It’s compulsory to wait for at least 12 hours until the equipment dries thoroughly. 

Don’t expose your glove to direct sunlight during drying to ensure this lubricant can absorb the leather fibers.  

Step 5: Playing catch after drying your mitts helps it prepare for the upcoming game by allowing your palm and gear to become familiar with the ball’s shape.

Oiling tips

What To Consider When Oiling Your Baseball Gloves?

If it’s your first time lubricating a baseball mitt, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid using an excessive lubricant on this equipment, as it may get sticky after application.
  • Don’t use unsuitable products for leather. 
  • Check the label of the products carefully before applying, as not all lubricants are ideal for leather. 
  • Dry the mitt at a dry and cool place after adding lubricant. Extreme heat may make it dry out and crackle.
  • Never use a microwave to dry your glove because heat will cause your gear to be crunchy. 
Considerations when applying lubricant

How To Clean Your Baseball Gloves?

If you find your gear too dirty after a match, it’s time to clean it. Here are simple actions you can take:

Clean After Use

Wipe the mitt down with a clean towel when you’ve finished playing catch and your game during the day.

Remember to remove all debris and dirt on it. After that, it’s best to keep it in a dry and cool location. 

Use Leather Cleaner

Apply a little cleaner on a wet sponge. Wipe all parts thoroughly, including the webbing and laces. 

Dry Properly 

Wipe off the residual lubricant using a wet sponge. After that, dry your gear overnight naturally. 

Cleaning tips


When Should I Oil My Baseball Glove?

You can perform the maintenance once a week or once a month, depending on the humidity of the region you live in. 

How Often Should You Use A Glove Conditioner?

It’s acceptable to use this lubricant once a week to improve the quality and durability of your equipment. 

Can You Use WD40 On A Baseball Glove?

The short answer is yes! WD40 can help soften your new gear. 

Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Baseball Glove?

Absolutely no! This lubricant will make your gear more slippery and rip the laces. 

Is Mineral Oil Good For Leather Gloves?

Yes! If you use it in moderation, it will make the glove softer and more flexible.

Should You Oil Your Baseball Glove?

It’s advisable to lubricate your gear once a week to soften it and make it durable. 

Can I Use Mineral Oil On My Baseball Glove?

A small amount, just enough to lubricate your gear, is acceptable.

What Kind Of Oil Can I Use On A Baseball Glove?

You can use various products to care for your equipment, including conditioner, lanolin oil, shaving cream, and Vaseline. 

Wrapping Up

Using mineral oil for your baseball glove is acceptable if you only apply a small amount for all parts. 

Remember not to overuse this softener since it will make your gear sticky and reduce its longevity with time. 

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