Is Saddle Soap Good for Baseball Gloves?

As we know, baseball gloves require regular cleaning and maintenance to last a long time. These gloves are usually made of leather, sometimes synthetic material, so they are prone to get damaged if not washed properly.

Many experts recommend avoiding leather cleaner to clean baseball gloves. However, they do not offer recommended product advice.

If you’ve ever done some Google searches, you already know that many people believe it is okay to use saddle soap. So is saddle soap good for baseball gloves?

You will have the answer after reading my post. Let’s read on to discover!

Is Saddle Soap Good for Baseball Gloves? 

You can use saddle soap to clean your baseball glove.

You can totally use saddle soap to clean baseball gloves. It was used for centuries before the advent of leather cleaners.

I’ve been using this soap for my baseball glove since I was ten, and it hasn’t caused any damage. Some amateurs recommend against using it, and they try to claim that saddle soap can damage gloves by cracking their upper layer. For me, it looks something like myths.

However, you must remember that using saddle soap incorrectly or overusing it can harm your baseball glove.

How to Use Saddle Soap for Cleaning Dirt From Baseball Gloves?

A guide on using saddle soap for cleaning baseball gloves.

Step 1: Get the Proper Things

  • Saddle Soap.
  • Clean and dry rags.
  • Conditioner (preferably glove oils/conditioners).

Step 2: Apply Saddle Soap 

Start by applying a bit of saddle soap on a clean, dry rag. Gently press the rag onto your glove and rub the saddle soap evenly over it in circular motions. 

Make sure the entire surface of your baseball glove is covered with saddle soap. It includes the palm, the pocket, and the fingers. 

Then you need to get another clean and dry rag to wipe off the soap. That way, the saddle soap will carry all the dirt and grease from your glove to that rag. If you don’t wipe off grease, dirt, and soap from your gloves, they will soak back in.

You can repeat this step several times if you have a bad glove. But avoid overdoing it. Repeating this step too many times can dry out the leather, causing more harm than good.

Step 3: Give Your Glove Time

After completing the above step, you need to leave it for two to three days to let it breathe. Place it in a dry place, and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

You can also begin “breaking in” your baseball glove during this stage by gently folding or bending it. Saddle soap can act as a leather conditioner but won’t be as helpful as baseball glove oil. So avoid overworking it.

Step 4: Conditioning Period

After leaving your glove for two or three days, now is the time to utilize the conditioner on the leather.

First, choose the glove oil, or conditioner, that you like. Then apply a small amount of conditioner/oil to your rag or sponge (clean and dry).

Here are the things you should never do:

  • Apply the conditioner directly onto your glove.
  • Rub the glove.
  • Use any real amount of pressure on your glove.

The recommended way to apply the conditioner onto your glove is dabbing.

Step 5. Give Your Glove Time Again

Once you have applied the conditioner all over your glove, you must leave it again. The reason is that the conditioner takes time to soak into your glove and work its way into each area, making the glove softer.

I recommend placing your baseball gloves in a warmer place to help the oil do its job better. Again, avoid exposing it to sunlight. 

You can also take advantage of this time to break in and shape the baseball glove.

Step 6: Re-Dab

If your baseball glove is in rough shape or it’s been a while since you cleaned and conditioned the glove, you can dab and condition it again.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Baseball Glove

  • Do not use too much saddle soap because it will do more harm than good.
  • Avoid oiling too much. Ensure you are conditioning with a product that is designed for baseball gloves. Seed oils, silicone, petroleum jelly, and products like them are no-nos. I recommend choosing products recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Do not blow dry or electric heat your glove to dry it. It is best to let it dry at room temperature.

How to Store Your Glove Properly?

How to store the baseball glove?

Storage is always an essential part of keeping a ready baseball glove. You should store your gloves in a cool and dry place. 

Avoid placing it in a place with high temperatures and high humidity, which will corrode the leather of your gloves.

If your glove gets wet, just dry it with a clean, dry cloth or towel and let it air dry. 

Wet and dried baseball gloves often stiffen up. If it is your case, apply a proper conditioner to soften your glove once it has dried. 

Never blow dry or utilize a heater for drying the glove since this can dry out the surface and crack the leather.


Can Saddle Soap Be Used on Baseball Gloves?

The answer is Yes. As long as you apply it properly and don’t overdo it, your baseball glove will be fine.

Why Clean Your Glove?

Proper cleaning is necessary to prolong the life of baseball gloves.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your baseball glove allow it to last longer.

You will find that most baseball players will not want to change their gloves as often. The reason is that breaking in a new baseball glove often takes time.

Once you’ve taken the time to break in your glove, you’ll understand how important it is to take care of your glove.

Can Baseball Gloves Be Put in the Washing Machine?

No, you should not put your baseball gloves in the washing machine as it can cause irreparable damage.

Baseball gloves, including leather and other fabric, will lose their structure when waterlogged.

Putting these gloves in a washing machine means you will soak them in water. For that reason, these gloves may lose their shape and will take too long to dry. 

More seriously, they will form cracks when dry, and you will end up throwing them in the trash.

 What Should I Use to Clean My Baseball Glove?

Baseball gloves are made of leather, one of the most durable materials. But you still need to take care of them properly to last a long time.

Here’s what, in my opinion, should and shouldn’t be used for these gloves:

Should Use

  • Rags.
  • Saddle soap.
  • Glove oil (or other proper conditioners)
  • A soft sponge or something similar.

Should Not Use

  • Water
  • Dryer
  • Vasoline
  • Shampoo
  • Dish Soap
  • Shaving Cream
  • Dirty rags or sponges

What Is the Best Leather Cleaner for Baseball Gloves?

The best leather cleaner for your baseball glove is something your manufacturer recommends. So you should refer to your user manual to know what you should use to clean your glove for the best results.

Is It Okay to Wash a Leather Baseball Batting Glove?

You can use brushes, lukewarm water, soap or detergent, and clean and dry clothes to wash baseball gloves.

Yet, you must be careful and do it right because water can easily ruin baseball gloves. Never wash your gloves in the washing machine.


Is saddle soap good for baseball gloves? Yes, you can clean your glove with this soap. However, you need to use saddle soap properly and don’t misuse it. 

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