How To Reshape A Baseball Glove? An Easy Guide

Reshaping or breaking in a baseball glove will help soften the item and make it more malleable, thus increasing your performance on the field. It also helps eliminate the rigidity and stiffness that cause discomfort when playing. 

However, some unsuitable reshaping methods can potentially damage the glove’s structure. So, how to reshape a baseball glove without ruining its quality? I will bring you the easiest and most costless methods to break in the glove quickly. 

Why Do You Need To Reshape A Baseball Glove?

The primary purpose of reshaping a baseball glove is to maintain its form and make it easier to catch the ball. Most baseball gloves feature a curvy shape that can handle the baseball well and increase traction in each catch. 

However, the curvy shape will slowly bend backward after many catches and impacts in the long run. In addition, changes in weather or extreme temperature can cause the glove leather to shrink and affect the item’s shape. 

It is much harder to catch the baseball with a reshaped glove. Plus, a bent glove is extremely uncomfortable to wear, especially when you have been accustomed to its initial shape. 

Reshaping is a critical part to include in your glove’s maintenance routine. Keep following the sections below, and I will instruct you on reshaping the gloves with minimal effort. 

Reshaping Helps Restoring The Glove’s Comfortable Shape

How To Reshape A Baseball Glove?

Before you begin, please note that reshaping is not advisable for a brand-new baseball glove that doesn’t have any bending issues. It will damage your glove’s structure and cost you unnecessary time. 

Unless the item was bent during the transporting or storage process, don’t reshape a new baseball glove. Plus, if you inspect that the new glove’s shape is bent, return it to the store and exchange it for another one. 

Now, let’s move on to the four steps to reshape your baseball glove. 

Soften The Glove With Oil

To reshape a baseball glove, you first need to break in (soften) its leather structure first. The easiest solution is applying oil on the glove surface, but ensure that you use leather-friendly oil.

There are leather conditioners designed specifically for this task sold in many leather and glove stores. Avoid low-quality conditioners because they can affect the item’s appearance and durability. 

Start with spraying the oil or leather conditioner on a clean and soft cloth. Then rub the oil on the glove’s area between its flat palm and thumb. 

Insert A Ball In Its Pocket

When your baseball glove gets more malleable after the first step, gently stuff a ball into its pocket. A baseball is the best choice since it perfectly fits your desired size. 

Reshape The Glove Using A Baseball Ball

Tie The Glove With Rubber Bands

When keeping the baseball ball in the glove’s pocket, you have to press it so the ball won’t get plugged out. However, the reshaping process takes a whole day, so you have to tie the glove using rubber bands. 

Choose rubber bands of any size (around ¾ inches is ideal) and tie the glove. Don’t apply too much force, just sufficient for keeping the ball in its place. 

Dry The Baseball Glove

Most of the work is done, and the last step is drying the conditioner and leather oil on the glove’s surface to avoid bad odor and side effects. I recommend putting the glove under natural sunlight for half a day. 

Depending on the amount of oil you rub on the glove, leave it until the leather conditioner completely evaporates. However, if the game is near and you don’t have much time left, use a fan to speed up the process. 

Ensure that you keep the ball inside and tie the glove with a rubber band when drying it. After 12 hours to one day, your glove is ready for an exciting game. 

Some players suggest putting the glove in an oven to dry the oil. However, the oven’s high temperature can affect the glove’s leather. 

Leave The Glove In Open Air To Dry

Is Breaking A Baseball Glove Different From Shaping It?

Many baseball players often confuse breaking and shaping a baseball glove.

In fact, these two practices are not the same since they serve different purposes and feature a distinct process. 

Breaking In 

Breaking in a glove means softening it before each play, which is a common practice for baseball players at both intermediate and pro levels. The baseball glove will harden and become harder to use after an extended usage period. 

As a result, you need to break in the item to make it more malleable, thus increasing your performance and comfort in the game. Plus, breaking in a glove creates a minor space or pocket that helps players catch the ball more easily. 

This process takes many steps and takes around 2 to 3 days to carry out. You first need to moisten the item with hot water, then make the glove more malleable by applying physical impacts. 

You may not notice it, but the baseball gloves will slowly soften and adapt to your hand’s shape in the long run. After hundreds of catches and many hours of wearing, it would have gotten more malleable. 


As the name suggests, reshaping a baseball glove is restoring its original form. 

After many catches, the glove will slowly bend into an unwanted shape and make it less comfortable to wear or catch the ball. 

Similar to breaking in a glove, reshaping features many different methods and steps. However, reshaping is only necessary when the glove feels stiff and uncomfortable to wear. 

Reshaping or breaking in too frequently can risk damaging the item’s leather structure and decrease the glove’s durability over time. 


Are you satisfied with the instructions provided? If the answer is yes, check out the sections below to discover more interesting questions about reshaping a baseball glove that you may need. 

How Do You Make A Baseball Glove Stiffer?

There are several methods to increase the stiffness of a baseball glove. The most effective solution is to apply leather conditioner on the glove’s leather parts. 

In addition, leather conditioners can blur and cover the scratches or damages on the glove’s surface. Another method is to apply a glue layer on the glove, but I won’t recommend this practice unless you know how to do it. 

Is Reshaping A Baseball Glove Advisable?

Shaping and reshaping baseball gloves are advisable for any baseball player. 

However, you should avoid doing it too frequently because the glove’s structure will wear down over time. 

My advice is that you should reshape the glove one or two times per season. If the glove is too stiff and uncomfortable to play, increase the time accordingly. 

Can You Reshape A Baseball Glove Using Shaving Cream?

No, shaving cream is used for human beard, and it doesn’t have any softening effect on baseball gloves. In addition, the chemical substances in shaving cream can fade the glove’s color and ruin its beauty. 

So, purchasing a proper leather conditioner designed for baseball gloves is best. The cost may be higher, but it reduces the risks of damaging your property. 

Can You Substitute Baseball Oil With Vaseline?

Many people prefer vaseline over baseball oil in softening gloves because it is more affordable and easy to find. However, the effects vaseline brings cannot match the baseball oil’s efficiency. 

Unless you cannot find baseball oil, using vaseline is inadvisable because it can ruin the glove’s durability and surface. 

Can You Reshape A Baseball Glove Using Saddle Soap?

The saddle soap’s main utility is to clean leather products. Therefore, saddle soap won’t bring the conditioning effect you desire on your baseball glove.

The same is true for many other types of soaps and cleaning lotions. 

Final Thoughts

I hope that you can break in and reshape the baseball glove successfully with the help of these tricks. Just follow the instructions and handle your glove with care, and the best results will come. 

If you know any better methods or suggestions on how to reshape a baseball glove, don’t hesitate to comment and share your ideas. 

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!