How Many Times Can You Steam A Baseball Glove?

Steaming is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to soften the baseball glove’s leather. However, it’s not advisable to oversteam the baseball glove, which can affect and ruin the glove’s structure. 

So, how many times can you steam a baseball glove? How long should you steam the glove to achieve the highest result? Is there any other solution?

If you are wondering about these questions, don’t miss the post. I will give you a straightforward answer. Let’s read on to discover!

How Many Times Can You Steam A Baseball Glove?

Don’t steam your baseball glove too many times. Just one or two times until it reaches your desired softness because steaming can make the leather less durable.

Steaming is required to soften the baseball glove and make it more malleable, thus giving the players more comfort and ease of movement. But steaming too many times will hurt your glove and ruin its leather durability. 

Therefore you just need to steam the glove until it reaches your desired softness, which can be done for only one steaming time. You can increase the steaming duration depending on your glove’s leather type and thickness. 

Steaming Makes The Glove More Malleable

How Long Should A Baseball Glove Be Steamed?

A baseball glove should be steamed for 3 to 6 minutes to achieve the best result. This amount of time is changed to suit the glove’s style and the type of leather. 

It should take longer to steam the catchers’ gloves as they possess high-density leather to absorb all the energy of throwing balls. The more layers of leather the gloves have, the more time it takes to be entirely steamed.

How To Steam And Help Break In Your Baseball Glove At Home?

There are several easy steps to have your baseball glove steamed right at home without much effort. Before starting, you need the tools like a stock pot filled with high-inch water and an electric burner.

Before putting the glove into the steamer, you should rub some glove conditioner to soften the leather. Remember to rub it all over the glove, especially on the heel, palm, and laces. 

After rubbing the conditioner, put the glove into the steamer for around 40 to 45 seconds, then take it out and use a mallet on it. You should hit all the crease points over and over to break the glove effectively. 

Don’t hit the needlework too hard, or you may snag and tear the glove. Just apply a medium force, and the glove will gradually soften.

When the glove is stiff back, steam it again and repeatedly until it becomes flexible enough to play with.

If you want more detailed demonstrations, follow this video to learn more!

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Glove Steamed?

It costs around 20 bucks to get your glove steamed by professionals.

The steaming services will guarantee your glove has an optimal softness and avoid any damage to the glove’s quality. 

The cost is not too high, and it helps you save tremendous time and effort.

What Is The Fastest Way To Soften A Baseball Glove?

The quickest and easiest way is to pour hot water directly on it. The water’s temperature should be between 70ºC and 80ºC.

Another way is to use a sponge and spread the glove oil slowly to have the same result. However, putting the glove in the microwave is a terrible idea as it can diminish the leather’s quality immediately.

Can You Use A Clothes Steamer On A Baseball Glove?

The answer is no. It required a high temperature (around 144℃)  to break in the baseball glove), and the clothes steamer cannot reach this heat level. In addition, they don’t have the storage chamber like on the standard glove steamers. 

This chamber helps store the glove and prevent steam from leaking out during the steaming process. So, the clothes steamer cannot bring an efficient result.

Avoid Steaming The Glove Too Often

Final Thoughts

Only one or two steaming times are sufficient to soften your baseball glove. If you steam it too often, the glove’s leather and durability will decrease. 

Those are detailed answers to having the best steaming glove. Ensure that you have the right equipment and follow the instructions to achieve the best result.

If there are any unwanted problems during the steaming process, consider consulting professionals rather than trying to solve them on your own.

Thank you for reading!