Can You Use Vaseline On Baseball Gloves? We’ve Got the Answer for You!

You might have thought about breaking your baseball gloves in if you have felt that they are a little bit hard and less flexible.

There are various ways to do so. For instance, several players use glove conditioners. 

What to use if you can’t get these products? Can you use Vaseline on baseball gloves? If you are curious about the answer, let’s dive into this post!

Can You Use Vaseline On Baseball Gloves? 

The answer is yes! Vaseline is one of the most excellent well like alternatives for glove conditioners. 

As you know, Vaseline works well on human skin to seal moisture into the skin and also protect sensitive skin thanks to a semi-solid hydrocarbon mixture.

The nature of leather is relatively similar to human skin. Thus, Vaseline can shield it from various seasons, moisture, or dust particles. 

Here are some reasons why this product can work in softening your mitts.

It Is Efficient In Breaking Gloves. 

Vaseline, also known as Petroleum jelly, is the best alternative for glove conditioners if you can’t afford them. 

It contains various moisturizers and liquid fuels that function as regular fabric conditioners. 

It is necessary to soften a mitt before breaking it. Whenever necessary, spread Vaseline from its pocket to its thumb.

It Can Help Fix Break-In Problems. 

The form of your glove may start to bend rearward after extensive wear. You can break its stiffness using Vaseline to soften and reshape it.

After that, all you need to do is to put a ball in the mitt and use rubber to tie it. After 24 hours, it’s ready to use!

It Makes The Gloves Slippery.

Vaseline contains petroleum jelly, so your mitts get slippery after application. It’s both beneficial and disadvantageous. 

The softener coat may act as a barrier to protect your mitt from rain and increase comfort when playing baseball in cold months. 

However, this layer may be excessively slippery, which makes you find it challenging to grip. 

It is not a big problem, but it’s better to use it cautiously and pay attention to how often you utilize it. 

Benefits of Vaseline

How To Use Vaseline On Baseball Gloves? 

Players using Vaseline on their mitts vary depending on their preferences. There is no fixed rule to follow for vaseline application on these mitts. 

However, if you are a novice player and have never used Vaseline for your mitts before, it’s best to follow the guides below:

  • Prepare your mitts and Vaseline
  • Start by applying a little moisturizer in circular movements to the glove’s palm.
  • Apply additional substance if necessary.
  • Circle the glove’s outside in a circular motion.
  • Add more moisture to the mitt pocket area after every match daily and more often if possible.
  • It will increase the flexibility of the leather while allowing the baseball to have a pocket shape. 
  • To make your mitt more sticky, you must treat it constantly for 2 – 3 months. 

Those mentioned are a few general techniques for applying Vaseline to a glove.

Baseball mitts require a break-in time to ensure they remain in good shape and have a long lifespan.

Apart from Vaseline, you can also consider other products. However, this moisturizer is affordable while bringing the same effect as costly ones. 

Tips for using the softener product

How To Make Your Baseball Gloves Sticky?

It would be best if you first learned to keep your baseball mitts sticky to become a good player.

Young players prefer to catch the ball with their palms. After swings, their hands get sweaty and exhausted. 

So, they must have sticky mitts to stop the ball from falling out of their hands. 

Here are some products for players to achieve that goal!

Glove Conditioners 

There are several techniques to make mitts sticky. However, applying conditioners to the gloves’ fingers and palm is the best way.

Then rub them vigorously and put a ball in the middle of the mitt pocket. Watch this video if you want more tips for conditioning your mitts:


This product contains several moisturizers and oils to work as effective leather softeners. Also, it is an affordable and accessible choice over conditioners. 

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream makes the leather softer and more flexible, making the mitts more comfortable.

This product is an ideal substitute for conventional moisturizers and oils. The gloves’ ability to retain moisture is also better.

Shaving cream

Lanolin Oil 

Among the best ways to make mitts more sticky is with lanolin oil. Many professionals and experts advise players to break in their mitts with this oil. 

Baseball gloves benefit from lanolin oil since it helps to maintain, protect, and lighten them.

Lanolin oil


Should I Oil My Baseball Glove?

The answer is yes! It’s best to oil your mitts once a week, depending on the weather, especially the humidity of your region. 

Can I Use Coconut Oil On My Baseball Glove?

No! Coconut oil harms your mitts, making them slippery and tearing their laces.

Can You Use WD40 On A Baseball Glove?

Yes! WD40 can work well with new mitts. It will act as a softener and moisturizer to break in the glove. 

How Long Does It Take To Break In A Baseball Glove?

This process may take a few weeks or even months, depending on the oiling techniques you apply. 

Should You Condition A New Baseball Glove?

The short answer is yes! New mitts are always stiff, making them not ready for matches. You need to break them in, even if it’s a custom pair. 

Is Beeswax Good For Baseball Gloves?

The good news is yes! Thicker and stiffer leather and mitts can benefit Beeswax’s moisturizing properties.

It works as a waterproof barrier with sun protection factor properties to protect the mitts from light exposure and heat. 

In A Nutshell

Can you use Vaseline on baseball gloves? This moisturizer will keep the gloves soft and flexible while protecting them from water. 

Therefore, this product is ready to go if you can’t afford conditioners. However, avoid overusing this softener as it may cause excessive sleekness. 

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thank you for following this post!