Can You Use Mink Oil On Baseball Gloves? Everything You Need to Know!

As a baseball player, you should know the condition of a new leather pair of gloves. It is stiff and needs breaking in before you use it. 

One of the most effective ways to break in and maintain the softness of baseball mitts is by using conditioners and oils.

Can you use mink oil on baseball gloves? This post will help you answer this question and show you some oiling tips! 

Let’s read on to discover more!

Can You Use Mink Oil On Baseball Gloves? 

It’s a good idea to use mink oil on baseball mitts. These mitts are made of leather, making them stiff and impossible to use after purchase. 

Therefore, you need to use oil to make them softer and more flexible to fit your palm and avoid hand injuries during the match. 

Why is mink oil beneficial for this gear in baseball? Let’s look through the benefits below:

It Makes The Mitts Softer.

A leather glove’s dryness and brittleness can increase with time. It’s a great idea to use mink oil to condition and soften the leather. 

When lubricating the mitts, the lubricant will gradually penetrate the mitt fibers, which increases their flexibility.

The leather’s fibers will become more resilient after appropriately oiling, reducing wear and tear. 

It Maintains The Shapes Of The Gloves.

Your mitts are prone to lose form if you use improper storage practices to store when not in use.

Another advantage of mink oil is that it can help preserve the shape of your equipment after application. 

The product acts as a moisturizer to lubricate the fibers, stopping them from wrinkling and breaking their shape.

For this reason, this lubricant will assist in preserving the gloves’ natural form for a prolonged duration. 

It Restores The Mitt Color. 

Mink oil will help you get your mitts back to their initial color when you notice the color shows fading signs.

That’s because this lubricant always darkens and enhances the shade of any item made of genuine leather.

It will protect your leather equipment from the sunlight and other elements that might cause fading, making your mitt look new. 

It Increases The Glove’s Water Resistance.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep the baseball equipment dry, particularly if you wear them in wet situations.

Your baseball mitts might become more water-resistant with the aid of this product.

The gloves’ surface will develop a barrier thanks to this lubricant to keep water from entering the material, making your mitts less prone to sustaining water damage.

It Prevents The Gloves From Crackling. 

This lubricant is among the best conditioners for leather, making it ideal for use on mitts. It can keep your gears from cracking and drying out. 

Baseball mitts with cracks may lose their form and stop being functional. This conditioner will make them supple to avoid damage. 

It Prolongs The Longevity Of The Mitts. 

Lubricating will stop the gears from deteriorating and wearing out, as mink oil will penetrate the leather fibers and make them durable.

As shared earlier, this product can create a barrier to protect your equipment from water and other harmful agents, improving its lifespan. 

Benefits of this lubricant

What Are Drawbacks When Using Mink Oil On Baseball Gloves?

Everything has two sides, and this lubricant is not exceptional. Here are some disadvantages you may encounter when using it:

It May Make Your Baseball Gloves Darker.

If you want to maintain the original shade of your mitts, it’s best to pay attention to this concern. That’s because this lubricant may make these gears darker, especially when you play in the sunlight. 

Your Baseball Gloves May Get Sticky.

Your mitts might become sticky if you use mink oil excessively, as it acts as a lubricant and leaves a greasy coat on the gear.

As a result, the ball won’t come off the mitt as readily during game time, which can be frustrating.

It can seriously disrupt the match’s pace if you need to pause and change your protective gear regularly, making your performance worse. 

Applying Milk Is Hard.

It might be challenging to apply mink oil evenly on the equipment, which is another issue.

It might be challenging to coat the mitt surface uniformly with mink oil because it is a dense substance.

Moreover, this product may leave the feeling of oily touch on your mitt if not melted properly. 

The drawbacks of this lubricant

How Often Do You Oil Baseball Gloves?

It depends on the weather in the region you live in. If the climate is too dry, you should lubricate your mitt once a week. 

If the climate is wetter, you can lubricate the gear once a month to ensure it’s in the best condition.

If you don’t know clearly about the weather in your area, it’s better to apply lubricant twice a month. 

Consistent upkeep is essential for the leather. Otherwise, your equipment may lose its quality in just one or two seasons.

Purchasing these mitts may be rather pricey. Long-term savings come from maintaining your gear correctly.

If you are unsure how to maintain and care for this gear, you can watch this video:

Lubricating frequency


Do Expensive Baseball Gloves Make A Difference?

Higher-quality mitts are usually outstanding due to their excellent leather, construction, and design.

These gears are often more durable and facilitate the entry and exit of the ball from the pocket.

Why Are Some Baseball Gloves So Expensive?

Some products are expensive because of excellent materials and technology for impact-resistant, absorbing, and premium features. 

How Much Do MLB Players Pay For Their Gloves?

According to the league, an MLB player utilizes mitts that cost between $200 and $400.

How Much Is A MLB Baseball Glove?

It depends on the brand and the materials! A typical pair may range from $25 to $400. 


Final Thoughts

Can you use mink oil on baseball gloves? Yes! It is an excellent lubricant and conditioner to make your gear softer and more flexible. 

Ensure you will not use more than the required amount, or your gloves will be too sticky or lose quality.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for taking the time to follow us!