Can You Put Pine Tar On A Baseball Glove? Check Before You Try!

Pine tar helps you achieve a great grip on your bat. However, the use of this substance remains controversial. So, can you put pine tar on a baseball glove?

Some baseball players still use pine tar in their games. So to clear your path, we will discuss this issue and give you a detailed explanation. 

Let’s stay with us until the final line! 

Can You Put Pine Tar On A Baseball Glove? 

The answer depends on your position in the baseball game. If you are a batter, you can apply pine tar on your gloves, bat, and even helmet. 

But if you play as a pitcher, the rule for pine tar will be stricter. 

Pine tar is a sticky substance produced from pine trees. Baseball players create a grip that allows them to play at the ultimate level using pine tar on their batting gloves. 

To help you understand the regulations better, we will talk about how the baseball rules regarding pine tar work on batters and pitchers in this section.  

For batters

Batters in Major League Baseball (MLB) can apply pine tar on the grip end or bottom eighteen inches of their bat but not on the top section of the bat at the barrel end.

Batters can use pine tar on their helmet or hitting gloves. The rule only limits the position where you can apply pine tar. 

Batters can use pine tar

For pitchers

Pitchers in MLB must not coat the ball with pine tar before tossing it.

They consider this sticky substance a foreign material, and no foreign substances are permitted to be applied to the baseball. 

Why Is Pine Tar Not Allowed In Baseball? 

Using pine tar may be both lawful and prohibited in baseball. It is quite acceptable to use it on your bat handle.

The MLB official regulations have a specific rule on this case. It claims that baseball players must apply pine tars precisely up to a specific restriction of the bat.

It is illegal to coat the ball with pine tar. The tacky paste could change the ball, making its trajectory and flight unexpected.

Additionally, it produces additional backspin, and batters will find it harder to handle the situation. 

As a result, the pitcher must not use pine tar to their ball to gain an unfair advantage. They have to stow their best baseball gloves under their pitch. 

Pitchers must not use pine tar

How to Use Pine Tar in Baseball? 

Baseball players also apply pine tar in their helmets and bats, which requires more care and techniques. We will show you how to do it correctly. 

On helmets 

You don’t have to follow any rule about how low or high you can apply pine tar on your helmet. Simply grab some paste and rub it over the helmet’s crown or at the front where the logo appears.  

It would be best to use pine tar on those two areas on your helmet. Both offer adequate space for the batters to make sure their hands can coat their hands in the paste properly. 

On bats

Start by cleaning the bat’s grip. You have to ensure an even coat of the paste in the 18-inch section near the bat’s handle.

Then, apply pine tar on the bat’s grip, and rub it in all directions to create a uniform layer.

Baseball players can apply pine tar to their bats and helmets

How Can I Make My Baseball Glove Grippy?  

Pine tar gives your gloves a good grip. But if you don’t have any of it, some alternatives can work well. 

Apply oil 

Oiling is an excellent way to keep your gloves in good condition. Thanks to the oil, they can also become more pliable and easier to break in. 

Petroleum jelly

Another solution to make your baseball gloves sticky and grippy is to use some petroleum jelly. Simply apply some to your palms and rub it into the gloves.

This method will keep the leather from sliding into your hands.  

Glove mallet 

A glove mallet is a hand-held tool that shapes and molds the leather of your gloves. It can break in the gloves quickly and help them achieve the proper form.  

Glove conditioner 

The leather can soften and remain flexible with the assistance of a glove conditioner. Then, baseball players can grip the ball better and won’t suffer from blisters. 

There are many types of glove conditioners. You can ask Sporting Goods shops in your area for some suggestions. 

This video will show you some tips for conditioning your gloves:

Tips for making your gloves grippy


1. Can you use pine tar in baseball for a bat?

If you are a batter, you can apply this paste to your bat. But remember to obey the rule regarding how much and where to use it. 

2. Why do baseball players put pine tar on their helmets?

The grip is no longer to the baseball player’s liking since the pine tar used to treat the bats eventually loses their stickiness. As a result, many batters like putting more pine tar on their helmets.

Then, players may wipe their helmets for additional pine tar and put it on their bats if they want more grip on the plate.

3. What kind of oil can I put on my baseball glove?

For oiling baseball gloves, we recommend lanolin, neatsfoot, olive, and mink oil to achieve the best result. 

Once you choose the oil, learn how to use it correctly from this video:


You can put pine tar on a baseball glove if you are a batter. Please check the rule of the pine tar application before using it. 

For your baseball gloves to get stickier, you can also apply oil, conditioner, and other pastes that have the same benefits. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!