Can You Change the Webbing on a Baseball Glove?

When it comes to baseball gear, gloves are the thing that requires the most attention. You have to spend a lot of time softening, protecting, and cleaning.

But no matter how careful you are, your glove can break one day for some reason. Webbing is one of the most easily damaged parts of a baseball glove. 

So you may wonder, “Can you change the webbing on a baseball glove?”

Let’s read on to get the correct answer!

Can You Change the Webbing on a Baseball Glove?

The answer is yes. It is easy to change the webbing on your baseball glove.

The webbing of a baseball glove is the joint between the thumb and forefinger. It is available in a variety of types.

Single Post Web

First basemen primarily use this type of web. Its construction makes a consistent pocket for getting the ball. The deep pocket will make securing throws across the infield will become more effortless for players. 

Modified Trap Web

This design is a bit more futuristic than most web kinds on this list. A leather strip runs vertically and conjoins with a horizontal strip at the web’s top.

It enables more flexibility and ease of closure. This style is a great utility choice and is suitable for all positions.


An I-Web glove.

I-Web gloves are a prevalent choice for middle infielders. 

Their construction includes one centered leather strip, and two vertical ones, making a capitalized letter “I.” 

The gaps in the web allow players to look through the web at high-fly balls.


H-Web gloves are great options for infielders. But unlike the I-Web glove, H-Web models can be used in the outfield as manufacturers usually make H-Webs in suitable sizes for outfield play.

Regarding the construction, the only difference is that two leather strips are vertical with a horizontal strip of leather centered.

Closed/Basket Web

Basket gloves are entirely closed off, not enabling dirt or light to pass through. Pitchers favor this style as it can conceal their grip from the hitter.

Basket, or closed webbed, gloves are typically shallower in their depth. But the pocket is stronger, making them an excellent choice in the fastpitch softball game at almost all positions.

How to Replace a Baseball Glove Web?

Here are the simple steps to change the webbing on your baseball glove, giving it a new look.

Step 1: You must ensure you previously conditioned the webbing. 

Step 2: Line up the web and lace before starting so that it is straight and not being laced on improperly.

Step 3: Start lacing from the back of your glove at the bottom where the web should be. 

Step 4: You must leave some lace out that you will use to tie other pieces of lace together at the end of this process.

Step 5: Begin on the thumb side of your glove where near the edge of its inner, you need to insert the lace into a hole near the edge facing inward and towards your glove’s pocket.

You must go through your glove and go out of the hole on the side of its pocket.

Depending on the web type your baseball glove has (H-web, I-web, trapeze, and more), you must follow the pattern to your glove’s top, funnel the lace through the pocket’s top part regardless of the kind, and go out the hole and via the web into the hole.

Continue this till you get to the web’s top, where you will feed the lace via the funnel.

Step 6: Continue down the web’s other side and follow the same pattern that has been used for your thumb side.

Step 7: Ensure the lace is tight enough on the web and you do not miss any holes. Finish the re-lace at the bottom of your glove’s outside, one hole away from the starting point. 

Take the laces hanging out of those holes and cut them to the same length. Finally, tie them together in one knot.


How Does a Player Choose the Right Web Type

The choice of web type should be based on the player’s location.

For example, H-Web and I-Web gloves are ideal for middle infielders, while first basemen often use single post web.

Which Webbing Is Most Popular Among Professional Players

H-Web and I-Web gloves are the most popular among professional players.

Can You Restitch a Glove?

Yes. Restitching a glove is something that can be done in just a few hours.

Can You Customize a Baseball Glove?

Customizing your baseball glove is not too complicated.

Yes. You don’t have to be an expert to customize your baseball glove.

How Much Does It Cost to Restore a Glove?

The entire re-lacing cost ranges from $87.00 to $26.00 per lace.

Why Do Baseball Gloves Have Different Webs?

Baseball gloves have different webbing to suit various players.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, by the end of our post, you should know how to change the webbing on your baseball glove. If this article was helpful to you, please share it!

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