Can You Bring A Baseball Glove On A Plane? The Answer You Need Is Here!

You must be planning a trip and want to bring along the baseball glove for some entertaining games. You’re wondering if the air way allows the baseball glove.

So, can you bring a baseball glove on a plane? What not to carry on the plane to avoid unnecessary troubles? I will give you the detailed information in this post.

Can You Bring A Baseball Glove On A Plane?

The answer is yes. A baseball glove is permitted on the airplane, so you can feel free to put it in your checked or carry-on bag. Take note that, some baseball equipment (such as clubs and bats) is not eligible. 

Airway security will prohibit any item that can be used as a potential weapon and cause damage to other people or destroy the plane’s facility.

Since you cannot use a baseball glove as a physical weapon, it is eligible for airway regulation.

However, just a baseball glove is insufficient to play the game since you need complete baseball equipment set with a hat, bat, club, helmet, and balls. 

You will have to leave the items that can serve as potential weapons out of the cabin. So they are not allowed to be put in your carry-on bag.

You need to sort out the items in the two bags and bring a full baseball set to your destination. If you accidentally put non-eligible items in the carry-on bags, it would cause you some serious troubles. 

So, which items should go into the checked and carry-on bags? Follow the lists below, and I will show you! 

You Cannot Bring A Baseball Bat On The Plane

Permitted Equipment in Carry-On Bags 

The permitted baseball equipment to put in your carry-on bag includes: 

  • Baseball gloves
  • Baseball helmet
  • Baseball cleats
  • Baseball needles and pumps
  • Baseball balls

Any other baseball equipment that can double as a weapon is not allowed by the TSA and many other airway security organizations. Besides baseball bats, hunting knives, ski poles, or golf clubs are all not eligible for carry-on. 

You should pay attention to the baseball helmet. Some airlines do accept it as a carry-on item, while some organizations don’t. Therefore, it’s best to leave the helmet out of your carry bag since it also takes up a lot of space. 

Permitted Equipment in Checked Baggage Only 

All standard types of baseball bats produced by any brand are prohibited from the carry-on bag, regardless of their size and material. In addition, if one item is permitted in the carry-on bag, it’s also allowed in the checked baggage. 

Your carry-on bag should be reserved for more important belongings like a phone, computer, or cash. Therefore you can leave the baseball equipment in the checked bag if there isn’t enough space. 

You can also contact the airline via phone or ask its security staff if an item is eligible before packing the luggage. The permitted equipment that you can include in the checked baggage are:

  • All types of baseball bats
  • Baseball helmets (advisable)
  • Baseball gloves
  • Baseball balls
  • Baseball pumps and needles
Remember To Sort Out Your Items


Do you still have questions relating to baseball luggage on an airplane? If the answer is yes, check out these additional answers below. 

Can You Bring A Baseball Bat On A Plane?

No, a baseball bat and similar sports gadgets like ski poles or golf clubs cannot be put in the carry-on bag since they can be used as a weapon. But you can still include them in the checked baggage.

What Is Not Allowed On A Plane Carry-On?

Practically anything that can be used as a weapon or carry potential harm or detrimental effect is banned from the plane. Some examples are weapons, alcohol (larger than 3,4 oz), or powder. 

Also, the food, illegal properties, live animals, and anything that can obstruct the  X-ray machines will violate the law. 

Can You Fly With A Baseball?

Yes, you can include the standard baseballs inside your carry-on or checked bags. The number of balls is not limited, but your baggage should not exceed the permitted weight of the airline, of course. 

How Do You Ship A Baseball Bat?

You should send the baseball bat via mail by packaging it in a tube box. The 38″ x 6″ x 5″ box provided by USPS is the ideal choice for storing your baseball bat. 

Can You Carry-On Sports Equipment?

Yes, as long as that sports equipment cannot be used as a weapon and doesn’t violate any safety rules. You should also ask the airline staff if the item is eligible. 

Final Thoughts

Can you bring a baseball glove on a plane? In summary, you can bring your baseball glove on a plane, and it will easily pass through the security check. However, you have to put other baseball items that can be used as bludgeons, like clubs or bats, in the checked bag. 

I hope the answer in this post can help you plan well for your next plane trip. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment and ask me. Again, thank you for reading!