Can Baseball Gloves Be Used For Softball?

Although baseball and softball gloves may appear almost identical when compared side by side, they are not the same.

However, if you are an enthusiast of the two sports, you may always wonder whether they are interchangeable. 

Can baseball gloves be used for softball? This article will help you tell them apart and find the right equipment with helpful buying tips.

Let’s dive into it to get into details!

Can Baseball Gloves Be Used For Softball?

It depends on the cases you want to mention. For example, in casual situations, you can play softball using a baseball mitt.

Contrary to popular misconception, gloves for the two sports are separate pieces of athletic equipment specific to each activity.

In baseball matches, it’s best to use specific mitts specialized for this sport. The same is true for softball.

Although mitts for these sports aren’t entirely interchangeable, you may theoretically use them for both sports. 

However, since baseball mitts are made to fit the considerably smaller ball utilized in the match, it can result in unpredictable results.

For instance, if you want to play a short game or lack other options, you may play softball using baseball gloves.

Nevertheless, it can have an impact on your performance. Compare these things and the functions they each do to see why.

When are these mitts interchangeable? Here are some situations you can use baseball gloves for softball:

You may surely use a baseball mitt that you currently own to practice softball if you don’t already have gloves.

Depending on your requirements for quality, this might result in a minor or significant financial save for you because softball mitts can be pricey.

The baseball gloves are also likely already fully broken and precisely sized to your palm because you’ve previously used them.

If you don’t play softball so professionally, getting a new mitt could also not be worthwhile.

You should utilize your baseball mitts if you occasionally play softball without any thought of tough competition and only for enjoyment.

However, you shouldn’t always wear baseball gloves for softball. That’s the time to play seriously and enhance your performance.

A baseball mitt is not ideal for softball since the ball is 25 percent smaller than the counterpart.

Therefore, you require a specialized softball mitt to enhance your effectiveness, speed, and catches. 

They are sometimes interchangeable.

What Are The Differences Between Baseball And Softball Gloves? 

The main differences explain why gloves for the two sports are not always interchangeable. Let’s see!


The most noticeable distinction between these two mitts and softball ones is the dissimilarity in size.

This difference is due to the different sizes of the ball. Baseballs are substantially lighter and smaller than their counterparts.

As a result, softball gloves must be able to handle the size variation between these two balls.

Typical baseball gloves for adult athletes are 11.25 to 13 inches long. The smaller size of youth mitts begins at approximately 9 inches.

Meanwhile, softball mitts typically measure 11.5 inches to 15 inches. 

Catcher’s mitts in baseball are between 32 and 34.5 inches long, whereas, in softball, they are 33 to 35 inches.

Size difference


Women are the leading group to play softball, so the gloves for this sport are usually smaller to fit their hands better. 

In comparison to baseball gloves, they frequently feature smaller hand holes.

Additionally, softball players favor mitts that fit them more snugly than their counterparts.

Players, in contrast, tend to choose a looser fit since it makes it easier for them to transfer the baseball from the mitts toward the pitching hand.

Softball mitts typically contain velcro adjustments and hook-and-loop on the rear, allowing greater hand-size customization.


The gloves’ pockets of the two sports differ in size because of the difference in ball sizes.

Baseball players must catch and handle a smaller ball. Hence these mitts feature shallower pockets.

On the other hand, softball pockets are a little bit shorter in addition to being deeper.

Players can better manage the softball and experience less spin because of this feature. These mitts also have wider webs.

Both games include closed webs to make it easier to conceal the ball, but in baseball, the web often doesn’t extend as deeply into the pockets as the softball.

Pocket difference


The open webbing structure of baseball gloves provides two significant gaps between the player’s thumb and index finger. 

This feature makes it simple for batters to fit their complete hand within the gloves, making it simple to grab and capture the ball.

Most softball mittens, however, have what’s known as a closed design, which entirely encloses the player’s fingers and includes one big opening for the hand to enter.

While less adaptable than baseball gloves with an exposed web construction, it appears more secure.


The length of baseball mitts often ranges from 9 to 12.5 inches. On the other hand, the gloves for softball are around 11 to 13 inches. 


Softball gloves usually have more cushioning than the counterpart mittens, as players want a mitt that can catch, toss, and hold the ball in various conditions.

Most of these mitts are made primarily for pitching or catching, respectively. 

They require more cushioning to withstand jumps into the ground and center field.

Design difference

Can You Use Softball Gloves For Baseball?

Sometimes you can wear softball gloves to play baseball. However, it would be best to keep these things in mind when interchanging them. 

  • Ensure that your mittens are the appropriate size. An overly big or tiny mitt for your hands may hinder how effectively you catch or grasp the ball.
  • Consider purchasing youth-sized mittens rather than adult-sized ones if you are younger or still growing.
  • Softball mitts are more long-lasting than baseball ones, so you may not need to replace them frequently.
  • Baseball gloves are lighter than their counterpart’s mitts since softball players often aim for a further, stronger throw.
  • Additionally, the extra weight reduces the risk of hand injuries while on the court.
  • Throwers must utilize softball mitts when holding the ball since they often have deeper pockets than their counterparts.
Tips for choosing softball mitt

What Type Of Baseball Gloves Should You Get? 

Baseball mitts come in various types depending on what position you use them. 

For instance, catchers often use rounded cushioned mitts as these things can protect their hands when catching the ball at high speed. 

First basemen utilize long, rounded mittens to assist them in handling ground balls and grabbing a variety of pitches from infielders.

Some infielders utilize a smaller mitt to move the ball swiftly from their glove to their throwing hand.

If you play for fun or purchase for your kids, you may consider less specialized flexible mitts. 

Ensure you choose the proper handedness when purchasing a glove. A mitt that is around twelve inches in length would be ideal if you were searching for one to play with your friends.

Types of the baseball mitt

What To Consider When Choosing Softball Gloves?

Getting a softball mitt that is both ideally fitting and functional is critical. Thus, consider these factors before buying one!


Softball mitts are composed of synthetic leather, treated leather, or leather.

The most comfortable and long-lasting mittens are made of leather. It is a little softer and simpler to break in mitts made of treated leather.

Synthetic mittens are less durable than the two varieties, but they’re still an acceptable option, particularly for younger athletes.


Gloves for catchers lack finger-separating grooves. They frequently feature substantial additional cushion on the hand and are reinforced all over to resist repeated blows from the throws.

Infielder mitts have five separate fingers and more oversized pockets. Infielder mitts for adults are between 10.5 and 11.5 inches in length.


The most costly mitts are leather, but they’ll likely last the longest. Most amateur and child leagues utilize synthetic mittens since they are cost-effective.

If you want more tips, you can watch this video:


How Do You Know If A Baseball Glove Is A Softball Glove?

A standard baseball is 9 inches in diameter, whereas a standard softball is roughly 12 inches.

As a result, baseball mitts have shorter and narrower pockets because of the smaller baseball.

On the other hand, a softball mitt has a shorter and deeper pocket due to the bigger ball.

Do You Need A Different Glove For Softball?

The answer is yes! The mitts for the two sports are different because of the ball size. 

Can I Use A Baseball Glove For Softball Reddit?

It’s acceptable if you feel comfortable when using it. Ensure you break it in before wearing it for more flexibility and softness. 

Wrapping Up

Can baseball gloves be used for softball? If it’s a formal match, it’s acceptable to interchange the two. Yet, it’s better not to do so for professional games. 

Select the best-suited type depending on your purposes and preferences while considering material, position, and budget. 

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!