Can A Baseball Glove Be Used For Fastpitch Softball?

Many people wonder if you can replace a fastpitch softball glove with a baseball glove. This query is not peculiar since the two items look pretty similar.

Can a baseball glove be used for fastpitch softball? What should you consider when substituting standard softball gloves for baseball gloves?

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Can A Baseball Glove Be Used For Fastpitch Softball?

The answer is yes. However, it’s not advisable to use a baseball glove for playing fastpitch softball.

The two items are not similar in size, design, and material. Thus they are not optimized for the same utility. 

The size is one of the most significant differences between baseball and softball gloves, which I shall discuss in the following sections.

This sizing difference will make it uncomfortable and harder to play softball. 

If you are an adept baseball player and want to try something new, like fastpitch softball, this practice is still applicable.

However, it also partly depends on the position and role you take on the field. 

Sizing Differences

The main reason that makes swapping a softball glove for a baseball glove lies in their sizing difference.

Baseball gloves generally come in slightly smaller sizes and lengths (around 11,5 inches in length and 3,5 inches in diameter). 

It turns out that the baseball ball is slightly smaller than the softball ball, which has a 9 inches circumference. Thus, a too-large baseball glove makes it harder to catch and throw the ball comfortably. 

On the other hand, the fastpitch softball is significantly larger, with a circumference of 12 inches. Therefore the manufacturers have to extend the softball gloves’ size to between 12 and 13 inches. 

You often see the midfielders putting on longer gloves, which gives them a range advantage. Whether you’re a young or older player, the long glove’s size makes it easier to catch, control, and grasp the softball on the field. 

In addition, the softball gloves come with only 88 stitches, while the baseball items feature up to 108 stitches. Imagine when you switch from holding a small ball to holding a much larger ball. 

That is the experience this practice brings. If you cannot adapt to the variation in size, it would be very uncomfortable and ineffective to play. 

The Baseball Gloves Are Smaller

When Should A Softball Player Use A Baseball Glove?

For young players who find the softball gloves too oversizing for their hands’ size, consider using a baseball glove. It can fit the players’ hands comfortably and help them get accustomed to the game faster. 

The main problem for not switching to a baseball glove when playing fastpitch softball is the size difference. So, what’s the point of wearing a softball glove when it doesn’t fit nicely on your hand?

For the adept player who has used baseball gloves for many years before switching to softball, you should stick to your old item. Using it on a softball field won’t cause big problems if you feel comfortable with the glove. 

In addition, the price of a brand-new softball glove is not low, and you may want to save that extra cost. In addition, you have to break in the glove, which is risky and time-consuming for inexperienced users. 

Also, you don’t need to worry if someone spots you using a baseball glove on the softball field. The two items look pretty similar when putting size by size. So unless you know the brands behind them, it’s hard to notice the difference. 

Young Players With Small Hands Can Use A Baseball Glove

When Is It Not Suitable?

Besides the size variation, you’ll have to get used to a different design when switching between these two glove models. For example, the softball glove’s socket is also larger than the baseball model’s socket. 

The different sockets also lead to unique wall designs. Unline the sockets, softball’s walls are smaller than its counterpart. The reason for these designs is to make the models adapt well to the ball’s speed and size. 

If you want to discover the pros and cons of each category, follow this short video to learn more!

The Larger Softball Travels At A Higher Speed


I hope that you can make the decision now. If you’re still wondering if a baseball glove is good for fastpitch softball, the information below is worth reading. 

Can You Use A Baseball Glove For Softball?

As mentioned above, you can use baseball gloves for softball. However, they cannot deliver as much comfort and efficiency as the standard glove models designed specifically for this sport. 

If you want to save the budget or feel more comfortable with the baseball glove, then go for it. 

Can You Use Baseball Gloves In Fastpitch?

Yes, baseball gloves are still applicable for fastpitch softball, but they are not the wisest options. Due to the differences in size and design, you cannot catch and throw the softball comfortably using a baseball glove. 

If possible, choose a standard fastpitch softball glove for your games, especially when you feel tight or uncomfortable. 

Do You Need A Different Glove For Softball?

Yes, you should invest money in buying a larger and standard softball glove model. These products are optimized for the game’s conditions, and they’re also used by most softball players. 

You can use a baseball glove as a substitution, but it won’t be as comfortable and efficient as softball models. 

What Is The Difference Between A Fastpitch Glove And A Baseball Glove?

Softball and baseball glove models feature unique sizes and designs to fit the requirements and conditions of each game. For example, a softball glove is 11 or 12 inches long, while a baseball glove is only 9 inches long. 

However, it’s not easy to spot the difference unless you try the gloves on your hand or you know about the brands making them. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, you can wear a baseball glove for fastpitch softball, but it’s not advisable. Baseball gloves possess a smaller size, length, and a different design, thus making them not ideal for fastpitch softball playing. 

You should invest in a larger softball glove if you are serious about taking this sport. I hope the answer provided can help you make the decision easier.

Thank you for reading the post!