Best Softball Glove for Small Hands: In-Depth Reviews

Finding the best softball glove for small hands is a daunting challenge, as most brands aim for a standard size. Fortunately, I have got you covered here. 

This list includes my top 5 picks that provide unparalleled comfort and fit, improving your gameplay. Additionally, I’ve included a helpful buying guide covering the factors you need to consider to choose the best option.

Let’s check it out!

ImageProductEditor's ratingPrice
Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Glove – Best For Overall4.9See pricing details
Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Glove – Best For Budget4.8See pricing details
Wilson Aura Fastpitch Glove4.8See pricing details
Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Fastpitch Glove4.7See pricing details
Easton Ghost Tournament Elite4.6See pricing details

The Best Softball Glove for Small Hands Reviews

#1. Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Glove – Best For Overall

Key Features

This fastpitch softball glove is an excellent option to improve performance on the field. Its basket web makes it ideal for throwing and catching the ball. 

Made from leather, this model promises comfort and durability. While it will take time to break in this glove, it is worth the effort.  Its center pocket design should ensure a fast break-in.

The professional lace system will enhance the durability and longevity of this fantastic glove. 

The leather has a natural softness and feels soft, enhancing its comfort. I love its steer-soft palm liner, which allows the glove to absorb the impact quickly before reaching your hand. 

It is one of the most versatile gloves I have tested. It is ideal for the outfielder, infielder, and pitcher.

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  • Feature a bigger air pocket.
  • The leather is comfortable and smooth.
  • Made from highly durable material.
  • Allow you to get firm control over the ball.


  • Heavy.
  • Require care.

#2. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Glove – Best For Budget

Key Features

It will be suitable for players with small hands. Whether you are a professional player or want a glove to practice, this stylish glove should be the way to go.

It is made from a lightweight technical mesh with improved durability and breathability. So, your hand will not trench even if you play with it for hours.

This softball glove is easy to break in, and it will feel bent when receiving a catch. It features an open-type web, allowing you to see the ball coming. 

Moreover, the gap between the web is small,  helping you hide the ball with ease.

The best part about this model is its thick palm padding, which improves protection and comfort. Your fingers should have enough room to bend and move, and you will not miss any catch with this glove on your hand.

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  • No sweating.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Lightweight and effortless to break in.
  • Adjust it quickly to get a good fit.


  • Not as durable as the leather glove.

#3. Wilson Aura Fastpitch Glove – Best For Under Under $100

Key Features

The Aura A900 glove is favored by many infielders and pitchers because of its dual web design. Its basket web will help you conceal the ball while allowing the batter to guess your next move.

It does not come fully factory break-in, meaning you must take some time to fit your hand in the glove. But the material feels soft, and the glove quickly adapts to the shape of your hand. 

Like other Wilson models, this glove features a Velcro strap system. It has everything to elevate your gameplay. As a unisex glove, it is ideal for boys and girls and delivers a snug fit. 

Everything about the A900 is excellent, including leather construction, low-profile heel, and more, making this model a bang for the buck. 

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  • Great for small hands.
  • Full-leather construction.
  • Ideal for pros and high school players.
  • Double palm construction for excellent protection.


  • Heavy.

#4. Rawlings Heart Of The Hide Fastpitch Glove – Best For Small Hands

Key Features

Ideal for pitchers and infielders, this model has a basket web, so you can allow the batter to guess your next pitch. Made from cowhide leather, it is exceptionally durable and can last many seasons with minimal care.

This glove is ideal for high school and professional softball players and delivers an excellent fit for those with small hands.

This glove comes with a 40 percent factory break-in, meaning you must spend some time to break it in thoroughly. 

It also has a pull and ties closure system, so worrying about adjusting it several times is unnecessary since it will not slip off your hand.

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  • Highly durable.
  • Better comfort and protection.
  • Ideal for infielders and pitchers.
  • Look stylish and undoubtedly.


  • Quite expensive.

#5. Easton Ghost Tournament Elite – Best For Female

Key Features

This glove from Easton is made for females’ hands specifically and can deliver a great fit.

It features an open back for a more secure fit and has specific patterns to match the female’s hands. The leather utilized to make this model is pure quality.

The only downside to this glove is the break-in time, like most high-quality fastpitch gloves. It can take a few months to break in, except this glove from Easton is highly recommended for high-school players.

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  • Ideal for females’ hands.
  • Great for value.
  • Deliver a great fit. 
  • Highly durable.


  • Long break-in time.

Buying Guide

Things to consider when buying a softball glove.

When buying softball gloves, size is not the only concern. The fact is that there are many factors that you need to consider, including the type of glove, material, webbing, and more.

Slow Pitch Vs. Fastpitch

We recommend a larger slowpitch glove if you are in a catcher or pitcher position. On the other hand, for catching a flyball, you can’t go wrong with a fastpitch softball glove designed to withstand wear and tear.


There is no denying that the material significantly affects a softball glove’s comfort, durability, and longevity. Softball gloves are usually made of full-grain leather. Yet, some manufacturers use synthetic leather.


Cowhide leather gloves, which range from medium to heavy in weight, are ideal for young players. It is faster to break in these gloves, but they require maintenance and care.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather gloves are also easy to “break in” and comfortable. Moreover, they are lightweight and cheap, but their longevity isn’t as good as leather ones.

Full-grain Hide Leather

If you are looking for a softball glove for a pro series tournament, a leather softball glove should be the one to get. 

The material is durable and delivers superior performance. Plus, you can expect better stability with a leather mitt on the player’s hand. 

On the downside, this material is hard on the “break-in.” So I recommend choosing a glove that comes with 90% factory break-in.


All the softball gloves included in this list are ideal for small sizes. Softball gloves for small hands usually come in a size range of 11 to 12 inches.

But how small should a glove be to fit your hand? It will depend on the length of your hand.

For correct sizing, you should measure your wrist from the tip of your index finger with tape. Thanks to that, you can determine the proper size quickly.

Web Types 


This web type is ideal for infielders, featuring shallow pockets as well as an open style for easily catching the ball. 


The H-web glove is open and popular among infielders and outfielders. But it is not a good option for pitchers since the ball may be visible from the open H-pattern.


A softball glove with a trapeze web features shallow pockets and is ideal for outfielders.


This web type includes two leather strips laced together to form an extra layer of structure and support.

If you are a pitcher, I believe you will be OK with a two-piece softball glove because it will help you hide the ball.


This web type is common in Wilson gloves, which is perfect for pitchers. It helps pitchers with more flexibility and allows them to conceal the ball from the batter.

Hand Orientation

Always select a softball glove depending on your hand orientation. The softball glove is not versatile, and it is impossible to wear a left-hand glove on your right hand and vice versa.

The budget

I recommend setting a budget before looking for the best glove for short hands. The softball glove can range from $50 to $500. Having a proper budget in mind will prevent you from overspending.


How to Care for Your Softball Glove?

After purchasing a brand-new softball glove, breaking it in correctly is essential. 

The best way to do that is to use glove oil or any other product recommended by the manufacturer.

Apply a bit of glove oil to a cloth or sponge, then apply the oil to the areas of your glove that are still firm. Ensure the oil is applied to the leather evenly.  

The key is to care for the leather of your glove like you would care for your skin. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, excessive moisture, or extreme temperatures requires extra care.

What Softball Glove Size Do I Need?

Proper fit is crucial for players to maintain control of their gloves and the softball. The softball glove should give you a snug fit and allow you to easily close and open your glove around the ball.

The size of the softball glove also depends on your position and age, as the younger player typically has smaller hands.

Under 8 yearsFrom 9 to 10,5 inchesFrom 10,5 to 11,5 inches.31 inches.
From 9 to 13 yearsFrom 10,5 to 11,5 inchesFrom 11,5 to 12,5 inches.31 inches.
High school/CollegeFrom 11,5 to 12,5 inchesFrom 12,17 to 14 inches.32 inches.

This table is purely guidelines. It is possible that the young player has bigger or smaller hands than average, so the glove size should be picked accordingly.

Can I Put a Ball in the Pocket of My Softball Glove?

Yes, you can store your softball glove with a ball in its pocket to keep its shape.

Does Water Ruin the Softball Glove?

Water can cause the leather to dry out and crack.

Can I Apply Glove Oil Directly to My Softball Glove?

Never apply glove oil directly to the leather since it is too concentrated.

The Bottom Line

Through the post above, I have given reviews and recommendations to help you make better and more informed decisions for your small hands.

Always measure your hand before investing in a softball glove. Then pick the material wisely and do your best to help your team defeat all opponents. 

Thanks for reading!