Top 5 Best Baseball Gloves For Dads: Which Is Suitable For You?

Are you a dad looking for baseball gear to keep your kids entertained? Don’t know which one is suitable for your hand size and playing habits?

Whatever your reason is, with this article, you will surely get valuable solutions to your problem. I recommend the best baseball gloves for dads in the article below for you to consider, including models for both beginner and pro players.

Let’s explore them now!

ImageProductEditor's ratingPrice
Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series4.9See pricing details
WILSON 2021 A500 Baseball Glove4.8See pricing details
Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web4.8See pricing details
Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove4.7See pricing details
Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves4.6See pricing details

The Best Baseball Gloves For Dads Reviews In 2022

I had quite a few challenges finding baseball gloves for dad. So, I understand the difficulty in choosing the right size and suitable material.

After a long search, I found the best baseball gloves for dads with an excellent design and impressive performance.

If you also have the same concern as me, check out some suggestions below.

#1. Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series – Best for Overall

For me, the ideal baseball glove balances soft comfort and control. The Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Series is an option that meets the above requirements.

Its perfection comes from high-quality bio-soft leather. From the very first time, I was impressed with the premium smooth leather that feels comfortable.

I believe that even the most professional baseball player can’t complain about Mizuno’s premium materials.

Mizuno MVP Prime also attracted me with its delicate embossed logo. This design has contributed to its high-end impression.

I was also quite surprised to learn that Mizuno is a hand-made glove. Its meticulousness and elegance conquered me entirely for the first time.

This glove model also impresses with the natural design pocket. So, it’s always easy for me to break into the glove and be ready to play any moment. 

It’s perfect for a variety of uses and attention to detail. When using Mizuno, I am always allowed to give my best in every match.

In short, the Mizuno MVP Prime balances luxury and design optimized for professional players quite well. Unfortunately, its lace is not very durable. I was expecting this design to last for more than two years. 

Yet, after participating in tournaments, the decorative skins started to break and deteriorate entirely after a while.


  • Soft comfort.
  • Control support.
  • Natural design pocket.
  • High-quality bio-soft leather material.
  • Suitable for professional baseball players.


  • The lace is not too durable.

#2. WILSON 2021 A500 Baseball Glove – Best for Small-Size Hand

The WILSON A500 is 11.5″ in size, which makes it a perfect fit for people with small hands. It also comes with a shallow pocket and an H-Web design. So every user can adjust it to fit snugly.

The WILSON A500 is not simply an option for people with small hands. It also conquered me with its unique Pedroia Fit design. 

I was impressed with how Wilson made some modifications to bring the little finger and thumb together closely. This manufacturer doesn’t make the bag small but offers excellent fit and comfort.

Its comfort also comes from the premium pro-neck leather, moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean microfiber material.

I must also commend the WILSON A500’s rotation control technology. This integrated technology in the palm design significantly impacts ball spin. 

I didn’t have to put in too much effort, but I could still quickly increase the friction when the glove made contact with the ball.

As for the weak point, it seemed tight for me to put my hand in. However, after more practice, I was delighted with the experience that WILSON A500 brought.


  • Breathable and easy to clean.
  • High-quality pro neck leather.
  • The size is suitable for people with small hands.
  • Unique design with a little finger close to the thumb.
  • Increased friction when the glove makes contact with the ball.


  • Require some break-ins in the beginning.

#3. Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web – Best for Anti-Friction

Even in the first test, Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb brought a lot of surprises to me.

Among them, the most impressive experience is its good anti-slippery resistance. Baseball barely stuck to my palm during the game, which wasn’t available on my previous models.

To perform this advantage, it has a Shok-Sorb palm pad that works quite effectively, which is different from other glove models in the same segment.

Besides the palm padding, the manufacturer also focuses on improving many details to provide a satisfying user experience.

I still appreciate the differences in Franklin: double-depth expansion and others.

In particular, I am very impressed with the light weight of the gloves. It meets my expectations of a suitable product and maximum support for players always to be confident in every match.

For this reason, in addition to suggesting Franklin for dads, I recommend this glove model for inexperienced teens who value lightweight and handy gloves.

High performance, lightness, and durability are pretty impressive advantages of Franklin. Yet, besides the points, this glove model still has some disadvantages. 

Specifically, it lacks space in the fabric and does not allow free entry as expected.


  • Lightweight.
  • Enduring.
  • Unlimited web building.
  • Remove the stickball from the palm.
  • Suitable for many different objects.


  • Not a free break.

#4. Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove – Best for beginners

Are you a first-time baseball dad looking for the best gloves to play with your kids? Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch is the product for you.

This beginner glove model has a specific size, design, and features for the first stretch and throws techniques.

I also greatly appreciate the durable full leather that Rawlings offers. With a pretty attractive price, there are few options to use high-end leather like Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch.

Its high-quality leather gives it a luxurious look and durability. The manufacturer has implemented several techniques to obtain a glove with a good hand opening.

Accordingly, the adjusted finger positions in Rawlings Liberty will maximize the power in cases that require a quick throw.

Finally, I must also commend the design of the flexible adjustable zipper of the Rawlings gloves. It helps me not to worry too much about the size issue during the selection process.

I encourage new fathers to use this glove model. It will take you some time to get used to the design with the ring finger and pinky finger in the same slot. Yet, after many matches, players responded positively to the Rawlings Liberty gloves.


  • High-class.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Flexible adjustable zipper.
  • Fits many different hand sizes
  • Durable complete leather material.


  • It takes time to get used to its unique design

#5. Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball Gloves – Best for Classic Design

The Unihoh Baseball Glove Softball caught my attention with its classic design. It’s high-quality leather with a beautifully delicate look. 

I love the leather straps and professional stitches. Its stitching gives it a classic, elegant look while improving the glove’s durability.

Despite accompanying me in many matches, Unihoh did not deviate or tear.

Although it is quite soft and light, this glove model still does a pretty good job of protecting my hands. After participating in quite a few matches, I am delighted with its shock resistance.

This one minimizes the ball’s impact and other effects on my hands and wrists.

I also did quite a few tricky catches with Unihoh. And the palm and index finger pads have never let me down.

Besides the above advantages, I especially love Unihoh because of its other exciting features, such as instant break-in support and optimal support for catching and kicking.

In particular, I am pretty satisfied with the convenient shallow pocket of the glove. This design very well meets the requirements for ball players on the field.

In short, Unihoh is an adult glove model worth considering. Its only downside is that the size is not suitable for teenagers.

The manufacturer should probably offer smaller versions for 12 to 15-year-olds starting with this emotional sport.


  • Luxurious design.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • Protect hands from injury.
  • Instant breaking support.
  • Maximum support for scoop and catch techniques.


  • Size is not suitable for minors.

Buying Guide

Buying guide

Choosing baseball gloves has never been a simple task. However, you can find an ideal model through the suggestions and some tips below.


Quite a few fathers learn about baseball to play at home with their children. For this purpose, expensive gloves are not a wise choice.

Models suitable for home baseball games that are not too intense will not need to be expensive.

If you want your gloves to last longer or have useful support features, you will have to pay an extra fee. Consider the cost and return to make the right choice.


Playing baseball with dads’ kids can’t be perfect if the gloves aren’t soft and breathable. Try to test each product individually to gauge how smooth and comfortable the gloves are in your search for gloves. 

It would help if you also prioritized choosing gloves that provide maximum support and protection.


Fabric type and design are often not the first concern of fathers when choosing gloves. Yet, the fabric and style will significantly affect your user experience.

So, you should still consider your intended use and sports habits to get the most suitable choice.

Pocket size

If you value comfort, consider options with deep pockets. This type of design will create maximum conditions for holding.

Yet, if you’re not too concerned with the above, all you need to do is look for options with the most aesthetic design.

Full size

The right size is a crucial tip to keep in mind when choosing gloves. The fit will provide comfort even with prolonged use. Meanwhile, too tight or loose gloves will affect how you perform long throws.

To choose the right glove size, you must also pay attention to your position on the court. Outfield glove models will be large enough to hold the ball after catching. For dads, outfield glove sizes range from 12.5″ to 12.75″.

If you love pitcher gloves, you can find devices ranging in size from 10 ” to 12.5″.

A convenient glove model also supports players who play in a flexible position. The suitable utility gloves for dads will be in sizes between 11.75″ and 12.5″.


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding baseball gloves in general and father gloves in particular. I give specific explanations for you to consider for each one.

What is the most popular glove in MLB?

Professional MLB players often use gloves from Rawlings or Wilson.

What is the most famous baseball glove brand?

Some of the most famous baseball glove brands are Wilson, Rawlings, Mizuno, and All-Star.

Is the A2000 the best glove?

A2000 is one of the best baseball glove brands. The A2000s can compete with the most prominent models from Wilsons or Rawlings.

Why is the A2000 a good glove?

The feature that makes the A2000 stand out from many of its competitors is its unique craftsmanship. The A2000 glove models are also loved for their durability and adequate protection technology.

What kind of glove does Shohei Ohtani use?

Shohei Ohtani uses ASICS baseball gloves.

Is Wilson Superskin better than leather?

Wilson Superskin is a relatively light material, even half lighter than leather in the same area. Superskin is also more durable than many traditional materials currently on the market.

Final Words

I understand your difficulties when choosing gloves for dad. I have also done tests to bring you the most helpful suggestions and advice for your search.

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced Fastpitch Softball will be the ideal product if you are a beginner. In contrast, more experienced dads might prefer a perfect model like the Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series.

With the suggestions above, I hope you find the best baseball gloves for dads that make you satisfied. Thank you for your interest in the article!