Hi, I’m Taylor Smith, the founder of Baseballwow.com. I’ve been playing baseball since I was a kid, from the days when I played baseball with rudimentary things.
I used to win first place in the local baseball competition simply because I got to play and compete more, the gameplay was completely spontaneous, not basic.
Born and raised in a family that loves sports, I was approached by my father and passionate about sports from a young age, playing baseball also started there. Also attended and won many major tournaments, the time playing baseball must have been nearly 30 years.
However, it was not until 2016 that I really studied baseball, about tactical techniques in baseball.
The more I delve deeper, the more I feel that baseball is becoming more and more developed, more methodical, more professional, and I myself have made significant strides in this subject, both in terms of understanding, level and skill. tactical technique.

Logo Baseballwow.com 1
Logo Baseballwow.com

BaseballWow.com was born with the purpose of collecting and providing:
Basic and modern baseball techniques,
Update news about baseball in the world and in the country.
Besides, the blog also reviews and compares baseball products and accessories from gloves, baseballs, baseball bats to baseball protective gear so that viewers have an honest and easy perspective. The right choices for baseball players.

BaseballWow.com – Your Baseball Valuable Resource

BaseballWow helps you learn everything you need to know to be a good baseball player and reviews of baseball products you’ll find the best selection.

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